Getting Started:

A major question all new Amateur Radio operators ask is,  "What radio should I buy?  What antenna should I have?  How do I connect the antenna to the radio?" and more...  There is no easy answer with so many options from different manufacturers, both new and used.

The American Radio Relay League, the national association of Amateur Radio, provides a series of pages to help guide new licensees in selection of a radio.  This will guide you through various questions to lead you to some general conclusions about your direction regarding equipment purchases.  It may lead you to some communications areas you had not previously considered, such as satellite communications or computer-to-computer communications.

Probably the most beneficial is to ask other, more seasoned hams what they use or what they might recommend.  If you ask six people, you'll probably get six different answers, bus ask why they use what they do.  They'll probably be willing to show you what they have and demonstrate the equipment.

If you need help, ask.  Hams are typically willing to lend a hand, helping to put up antennas and/or set up a new station, answering questions during the process, or pointing you to suitable resources.