Hams Helping Other Hams:

There are often times when a fellow Ham needs assistance. It may be technical questions, assistance with putting up an antenna, advising about various radios, programming a new radio, or any of a myriad of other areas the hobby involves. The club would like to provide assistance where possible. This is for those instances where the List-Serve doesn't meet the needs of the help required.If you need assistance in some form, please e-mail Rick Waters, the Coordinator for Hams Helping Other Hams, with information about what is needed and your contact information. He will then contact a club member who may be able to provide assistance who will then contact you to coordinate efforts.

To make such assistance available a list of folks willing to provide assistance is needed. If you can assist in some area, please visit the Members' Sharing Survey and complete the information form. When someone requests assistance, those offering to help will be contacted by the Hams Helping Other Hams Coordinator. Whether or not, and to what degree, you follow through with a member's request for assistance or equipment is totally up to those offering to assist after the Coordinator (Rick Waters) gives you the name and contact information of someone requesting assistance. You will be selected based on what you share in the Members' Sharing Survey (LINK). The person requesting help does not know who is contacted. The results of the survey and who has what to offer is kept confidential.

Here are testimonials from some members...

"It's great to have the Athens Radio Club of friends. When I was at a loss for why I couldn't reach distant contacts on HF with my radio, I finally asked anyone on a Thursday night ARES net if they would stay on afterward and help me scope it out. Many did, and one savvy veteran radio operator asked a magic question: 'Is your power meter moving when you talk?' It wasn't, and he diagnosed a software issue in my radio, one with too many features and options for a newbie! It was fixed. A safe, nonjudgmental group like the Athens Radio Club is a rarity these days. Thank you all for providing help and ideas, the repeater, and much more!"

"The Athens Radio Club gave me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting a ham license. With your advice I hope to be able to learn to set up and use equipment. I cannot imagine a more patient group of people to a new member as I was very nervous. Your kindness and clear explanations were key."


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