Club History and Lore:

Where the Bubbas Originated

It's not as dramatic as one would think. Back in the early 1990s (say 1993 to 1995-ish) while I (Lee) was at UGA and a new ham, a guy moved to Athens with the call sign KC4IYY (he has since moved and changed his call. His current call is AE4HS, James M. (Dan) Daniel, with license address in Catlett, VA. Dan was a retired pilot of some sort. He loved to talk and some of his talks involved teaching people things.

Dan would teach about all things, usually while drinking a cup of coffee on any day at any hour at one of the several Waffle Houses there in town. (I remember him drawing schematics on napkins at the Waffle House on Atlanta Hwy, just west of downtown while we poked our fork through the bullet hole in the wall that paralyzed a fan before a UGA football game.)

He was a pusher of getting everyone on the air, all the time. So, he formed a following from this small, country town full of country people that eventually became known as the Bubbas. He would teach such things as how to continuously charge a battery that ran the stations, how to build 10M dipoles, and encourage people to increase their CW speeds - he was instrumental at getting me to pass my 13 WPM General CW test.

So, once everyone had built or acquired a 10M antenna, he started getting the Bubbas on the air. And thus, it eventually got called the Bubba Net. Of course all Bubbas have to eat too, so we would meet at various places on Saturday morning to get our grub on.

Some people liked him, some people hated him, but the fact remains that he started the Bubba net and breakfast. (There were times that people would gather for breakfast, but Dan gave it the official name...)

This is the version that I remember. If anyone has any additions or corrections, please post them.

Lee - KD4NTS


Dan Daniels AE4HS. Pilot, expert wood carver, photographer for National Geographic, piano player, Elmer to new hams. Invited me to visit his shack when I passed my first ham exam. He went outside his shack, found an old center connector and gave me enough wire for a ten meter dipole so I could join in the Bubba Net.

Phil Koehler - AF4TQ


I know all about the start of the BUBBA Net. Dan is very much alive and lives in Florida. Dan and his son spent a night with us a while back. Dan, KE4IYY (AE4HS), Ed Riddle, N4ALE SK, and myself KC4JRL (N4JJM), started the Bubba Net. We met at the ARC meeting. Due to Dan and I having been flying me in WW1, Dan in Korea in P51. We became friends. Ed would meet us at the old Bread Basket on Voyles Road and have coffee. In order to get new hams interested, Dan would invite them to participate on 28440 doing CW and rag chew to get the new hams to use their radio. Dan would call them Ed Bob, Jerry Bob, Richard Bob - every one had a Bob added.. More started to join so we decided to call it the Bubba Net. We started to meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings and tried many places and N4ALE moved us from McDonald's on 29 to Angies in Hull. 

We now have Bubba's all over the world. Somewhere between 400 and 500 with certificates that is one of the best. Most call them wall hangers. I know a lot of you are tied up with the club working on races. If not we would like you to join us some Saturday when you can. Your YL's and family are all invited. Phil is right about Dan he is very talented. The Bubba net is listed in the net directory. Join when you can . We have three rounds: 71 general info, 72 follow upon info from first, 73 finish up and good by. Just rag chew, stay three rounds and you receive your certificate. 

Thank you for your interest in the net. I could tell a lot more but it would be too long.

Jerry - N4JJM

(Webmaster's Note: In January 2019, Jerry, shown below at Field Day 2018, became a Silent Key at the age of 95 years.)


[Y]ou’re right, he was/is a dedicated ham. I took my kids to a Field Day when we were holding those at the Athens Airport and he fascinated them with his stories and talking about ham radio.

Bob - KE4JLL


Getting Ready for Hamfest at Madison County Fair Grounds, May 1996

James M. (Dan) Daniel, AE4HS (KC4IYY)

Photos courtesy Jerry Mount, N4JJM

Wow. I didn't think a small trivia question would turn into such an interesting topic.

Now that all the information has come to light, I do remember Dan carving things while sitting at the Waffle Houses with his pocket knife; I remember something related to National Georgraphic but not much, and I do recall hearing "Lee Bob," but I never knew why. 

On another note: If memory serves, one of the most interesting programs I've seen anywhere, not just at ham club meetings, was Jerry's (KC4JRL at the time) presentation of how they used magnets to track submarines under water and then torpedo them from the air. It was extremely insightful and heroic, and probably one of the few things I remember from college. :)

Thanks Jerry! (And if I have the person incorrect, please correct me)

Lee - KD4NTS