2020-2021 President: Jess Hickey, N4JAH, was first licensed in 2017. He currently holds a General Class license. His interest in radio evolved after getting his GMRS license and realizing there was a much greater potential for radio communications. Jess enjoys putting his license to use by supporting UGA Stadium events, local foot races, supporting the ACC EMA Mobile Communications Van, and local hospital emergency communications. He is active in ARES at the local and state level, POTA, chasing DX, and contesting. Jess is an active member of the VE team. 

2021 Vice President: Howell McKinnon, KM4ZXR, was first licensed in 2016. He became interested in Amateur Radio due to his employment with Athens-Clarke County as the Radio System Coordinator. Howell operates a Mobile Communications Vehicle for Athens-Clarke County that provides interoperability for emergency preparedness and communications. He has responded to support the Super Bowl in Atlanta and provided communications support in Seminole County, GA during Hurricane Michael.

Howell holds a Technician class license and is also a certified COML and COMT. He is part of the Search Management Team in Athens-Clarke County which operates under the EMA. Howell is Vice Chairperson of the Region 10 GA Regional Planning Committee for the 700 and 800 MHz frequencies and serves as President of the Georgia Motorola Trunked User Group. His areas of interest in amateur radio include emergency communications, ARES, and AUXCOMM training and certification.

2020-2021 Secretary: Kathleen McCook, KN4IJM, was first licensed in 2017. She holds a Technician class license which she earned at a Club VE session. Kathleen is a member of Clarke County ARES. Her father was an Air Radioman in WWII and she grew up fascinated by his facility at Morse Code. She teaches librarianship with a focus on how librarians can help communities in times of crisis. Her other interests include MLB and editing Wikipedia.

2020-2021 Treasurer:  Nola Geeter, KG4OVO, was first licensed in 2001. Nola holds a Technician class license which she earned at a Club VE session. She served on the Executive Committee for several years before becoming Treasurer. Her interests include public service and making new friends through Amateur Radio. Since Nola's interest was piqued after participating in Field Day in 2001, she was determined to get her license and considers Field Day as a must-do event every year.

Public Service Coordinator:  Bob Herrin, KE4JLL, was first licensed in 1994. Bob holds an Extra class license. He is a past president of the Athens Radio Club and has served the club as Public Information Officer. Bob's interests include emergency communications and public service. He is also a member of the volunteer examiner team and is Amateur Radio Emergency Service Emergency Coordinator for Jackson and Banks Counties.

Liaison to Red Cross, Athens-Clarke County Emergency Management, and the University of Georgia:  Ed Rollor, N4ZRA, was first licensed in 1966 as WN4HKW. He holds an Extra class license.

Ed is EC for Clarke County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and a past-president of the Athens Radio Club. In addition to emergency communications, Ed's interests include public service and digital modes. Ed is also a member of the volunteer examiner (VE) team.

Immediate Past-President 2018, 2019: Dr. Rick Waters, WA4ERS.

Past-President 2016, 2017: James Reeves, KF4AQO, was first licensed in 2005. He holds an Extra class license. His interests include emergency communications. James serves as the Club's VE Coordinator and the Club's repeater trustee. James also sponsored an amateur radio club in the middle school where he taught science for almost 40 years.