Leadership 2018:

President: Rick Waters, WA4ERS, is a licensed General Class radio operator since 2015. His radio days go back the the 1970s as a college FM station operator. He is a member of ARES and participates in volunteer work for 5K races, as well as UGA graduation and football games. Rick is also a member of the Volunteer Examiner team. He enjoys teaching about ham radio to the UGA OLLI organization, helping bring new people into the hobby. 
Vice President:  Tom Broom, K4THB, was first licensed in 1980.  He is an Extra Class radio operator and is a member of the Volunteer Examiners team and ARES.  His primary interest is operating digital modes on 20 and 40 meters.
Secretary:  Tom Williams, KD4FUF - Tom was introduced to a CW record in the 1970s. His interest in computer programming led him to studying electronics in college, which has led to a technology interest -- working with robotics teams in area schools. He earned his FCC novice license in the 1990s and in 2014 upgraded to General Class. In 2016 he earned his Amateur Extra. Tom is heavily involved with emergency radio operations at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.
Treasurer:  Nola Geeter, KG4OVO - First licensed in 2001, Nola holds a Technician class license which she earned at a Club VE session.  She served on the Executive Committee for several years before becoming Treasurer.  Her interests include public service and making new friends through Amateur Radio. Since Nola's interest was piqued after participating in Field Day in 2001 and she determined to get her license, she considers Field Day as a must-do event every year.
Public Service Coordinator:  Bob Herrin, KE4JLL - First licensed in 1994, Bob holds an Extra class license. He is a past president of the Athens Radio Club and has served the club as Public Information Officer. Bob's interests include emergency communications and public service. Bob is also a member of the volunteer examiner team and is Amateur Radio Emergency Service Emergency Coordinator for Jackson and Banks Counties.
Hams Helping Other Hams Coordinator:  Rick Waters, WA4ERS (See BIO above)  
Liaison to ARES, Red Cross, Athens-Clarke County Emergency Management, and the University of Georgia:  Ed Rollor, N4ZRA - First licensed in 1966 as WN4HKW, Ed holds an Extra class license. He is the Emergency Coordinator for Clark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and is a past president of the Athens Radio Club. In addition to emergency communications, Ed's interests include public service and digital modes. Ed is also a member of the volunteer examiner team.
Club Past President: James Reeves, KF4AQO - First licensed in 2005, James holds an Extra class license. His interests include emergency communications. James serves as the Club's VE Coordinator and is also sponsor of an amateur radio club in the middle school where he teaches science. James

Updated 12/17/2017