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August 4, 2020: 6:30p FCC Exam Session. Please email for special testing instructions. 7:30p Athens Radio Club Meeting ONLINE- Topic: "Balloon Launch with APRS, FM Repeater, & On-Board Camera" [Online meeting link sent to members via]

September 1, 2020: 7:30p Athens Radio Club Meeting - Topic: "Literature Review of Radio-Related Books"

October 6, 2020: 6:30p FCC Exam Session, 7:30p Athens Radio Club Meeting - Topic: "NanoVNA"

November 3, 2020: 7:30p Athens Radio Club Meeting - TOPIC TBA

December 1, 2020: 6:30p FCC Exam Session (NO DECEMBER RADIO CLUB MEETING)

December 5, 2020: 11:30 a.m. Annual Holiday Luncheon

*Some previous programs that have been made available can be accessed here. If anyone has particular interest for a program topic and/or would like to present a ham radio-related topic at an upcoming Club meeting, please e-mail the Club Vice President.

Area VE Sessions:

Barrow Amateur Radio Club: 3rd Saturday of each month at the CERT Office, 66 McElroy St., Winder, GA 30680. Contact Mike Wolcott, W4WYI, 404.281.6581 or via e-mail.

Walton Count Repeater Group: 3rd Thursday of odd months at 6:15 pm at the Walton County Fire Headquarters (adjacent to the drivers' license office), Hwy 78, Between, GA.

OPERATING EVENTS... (If anyone spots an interesting operating event, please notify the webmaster.)

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JULY 27-28, 2020 - FIELD DAY! Enjoy this animation of the photos Kathleen KN4IJM took!

MAY 9, 2020 - Jess, N4JAH, activated Watson Mill Bridge State Park for Parks On The Air (POTA). A special thanks to Bob (KE4JLL), Sam (KN4SPF) and Steve (KN4VB and a K) for coming out as well. 50 phone contacts and 10 FT8 contacts were made!

FEBRUARY 22, 2020 - The Athens Radio Club installed a new state-of-the art repeater and controller, gifted to the ARC by a very generous anonymous donor. James (KF4AQO), Jeff (KD4AOZ), Jess (N4JAH), and Kathleen (KN4IJM) spent the morning installing the new equipment, which consists of a BridgeCom BCR-50V repeater rig and an Arcom RC210A repeater controller. Thank you, Kathleen, for preparing the below pictures of the installation!

September 28, 2019 - Eight club members assisted the UGA ROTC's Medical Reserve Corps at the 13th Annual Bulldog Warriors Memorial 5k race. We appreciate Stan (WA4DYD), Ed, (N4ZRA), Jim (KF4RX), Alex (KN4GTB), Amy (KV4OI), Jonathan (KK4OKK), Shannon (K4SJB) seen below left, & Rick (WA4ERS) helping out.

Alex (KN4GTB) went on later that day and worked with Jess (N4JAH), both shown below right, at the Balloonfest, working the Athens-Clarke County Mobile Communications Vehicle. Thanks, guys!

August 24, 2019 - Club members assisted Clarke County ARES in a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) to evaluate simplex communications between all Clarke County fire stations and the 911 Dispatch Center.

July 27, 2019 - The Athens Radio Club recognizes Rick WA4ERS, Bernie N6UBO, Jess N4JAH, Alex KN4GTB, Ed N4ZRA, and Bob KE4JLL for finishing the work on the club's repeater mast. A new low-loss coax was installed, as well as new guy wires and hardware for the mast. In addition, the mast was lifted to its new terminal height with the antenna now more than 30 feet above the roof of St. Marys Hospital. Jess is shown below securing the final guy wire.

June 22-23, 2019 - Members of the Athens Radio Club worked with Clarke County ARES on Field Day 2019. Below are Bernie Ortmann (front) and Tom Broome (back) working the 20 meter band at the club's meeting site inside the UGA Institute for Disaster Management.

June 8, 2019 - Despite sometimes pouring rain and lightning nearby, about 100 bicyclists and 7 soggy ham radio operators participated in an abbreviated Jackson County Brevet. Due to the weather, the organizers decided to cancel the 100 mile route and just had the bikers traverse the three shorter routes. That worked out well for everyone since it cut the time of the event by at least a couple of hours! There were no reported accidents, and only a couple of flat tires and one chain that came off at the beginning of the ride. Despite the soggy day, the bike riders were in good spirits and enjoyed the ride. It was also a good time for the ham radio operators to practice their communication skills in less that perfect conditions. Even though we were in vehicles or buildings for the event, the weather did present some challenges. We used APRS to keep track of the SAG vans (Support and Gear) and that really helped when we needed to know where the closest vehicle was to anyone who might have needed help. All in all, a good day for ham radio. Radio volunteers included Bob KE4JLL, Erwin W4EEG, Alex KN4GTB, Bobby KN4I, Jess N4JAH, Janna KJ4ESB, & Brandon KN4HDZ.

Thanks to Jess N4JAH for the APRS screen grab above!

March 6, 2019 - Bob Herrin (KE4JLL), Kathleen McCook (KN4IJM), and Rick Waters (WA4ERS) taught a "Ham Radio 101" class to a group of 12 OLLI members.

January 26-27, 2019 - Club members participated in the Winter Field Day from the Institute for Disaster Management at The University of Georgia, club headquarters!

January 21, 2019 - Jerry Mount N4JJM, a long-time ham and club participant became a Silent Key at the age of 95. He attended our 2018 Field Day (below) and participated by making a radio contact. Mr. Jerry will be missed...

January 12, 2019 - Nine Athens Radio Club members attended the Georgia state Amateur Radio Emergency Service meeting in Forsyth, Georgia.

September 22, 2018 - Members of the Athens Radio Club assisted at the annual Bulldawg Memorial 5K run that benefits the families of fallen soldiers through the Joshua Reeves Foundation and ROTC Cadets using scholarships established in honor of fallen UGA Army ROTC alums. 

August 19, 2018 - Four club members staffed the Athens-Clarke County Mobile Communications Van, along with ACC dispatcher Kevin Zapata (below center), at the "Tri To Beat Cancer" triathlon. The volunteers were, left-to-right, Ed Rollor (N4ZRA), Alex Ankirskiy (KN4GTB), Jess Hickey (N4JAH), and Rick Waters (WA4ERS).

August 4, 2018 - The Athens Radio Club helped the Athens YMCA with their 5K trail run. Rick (WA4ERS) and Janna (KK4ESB) worked as net control, and James (KF4AQO), Sonny (KD2IXT), Tom B (K4THB), Nola (KG4OVO), Ed (N4ZRA), Jess (N4JAH), and Alex (KN4GTB) braved the muddy woods for a fun event. Many run participants expressed appreciation for our being there. 

August 1, 2018 - MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS VAN (MCV) TRAINING... Seven (7) Athens Radio Club members were trained in the operations of the Athens-Clarke County Mobile Communications Van (below).

Kathleen (KN4IJM), Tom B. (K4THB), Bob (KE4JLL), Jess (N4JAH), Ed (N4ZRA), James (KF4AQO), Rick (WA4ERS), and Alex (KN4GTB) spent 3+ hours with ACC's 800 MHz Coordinator, Howell McKinnon, learning about this fascinating ability to patch multiple agencies' radios together in an emergency.

June 23-24, 2018 - FIELD DAY VIDEO! Thank you everyone who helped out!

May 30, 2018 - Bob Herrin (below right) KE4JLL, Rick Waters (below left) WA4ERS, and Kathleen McCook (off camera) KN4IJM taught a "Ham Radio 101" class for UGA's OLLI program, which was well-attended.

June 24-25, 2017 - Field Day was a resounding success as the Athens Radio Club participated with the Northeast Georgia Amateur Radio Club at Nicholson Park.  The group entered as 3A with one station focused on CW and the other stations on phone or digital.  The CW ops were a serious group as usual.  Thanks to James Reeves, KF4AQO, for the photos.


May 30, 2017 - Chris Harper, KK4GXT, shared about an experience that he had over the Memorial Day weekend. He was camping in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina with a group of friends when a distraught Scoutmaster came into their camp looking for two missing Boy Scouts, both around 12 years old.  The Scoutmaster had just hiked a long section of trail from the south trying to locate them without any luck.  Chris' group, all carrying Baofeng UV5R radios (on a Simplex frequency) decided to split up and each take a section of trail to see if they could locate them. There is a fairly extensive network of trails with numerous forks, loops and trails that simply dead end. 

Here's the map of the region:

In teams of two to three, Chris' group split up into four teams and cleared around 18 miles of trails in just a few hours. Chris stayed at Yates Place Camp, centrally located, with the Scoutmaster, primarily because he is a paramedic, but also because he had the only vehicle with a radio powerful enough to reach out in every direction, an ICOM 2300H transmitting at 65w.  The antenna on the roof of his Toyota Tacoma is a 19 inch quarter wave, which he soon to discovered has a major limitation (which he wants to address in the future).

Sitting at the picnic table with the Scoutmaster, Chris also set up a Baofeng UV5R 5 watt HT and hoisted his roll-up/slim jim Ed Fong DBJ-2  into the air over a tree limb.  He was able to make contact with all four of the teams, located 3.5 to 4.5 miles away (as the crow flies) through mountainous, heavily forested terrain with the ICOM. They said they could all hear him clearly; but hearing them was a different story. He noticed that when the ICOM could not receive the transmissions of the field teams, the Baofeng with the DBJ-2 picked up even the most faint transmissions of radios with dying batteries. He was also using it to talk to them, and about 80% of the time they were hearing him. When they couldn't, Chris would run back to the truck to transmit using 65 watts.  But he really was most amazed when he heard nothing from the truck radio, and the DBJ-2 was crackling with their radio traffic. 

Needless to say, Chris was impressed by the performance of the DBJ-2, and recommended that all of his fellow campers invest in one, (or build one if they had the know-how.)  Now Chris just needs to work on that truck antenna.

3-1/2 hours into the search one of the teams located the Scouts and returned them to their troop located down at Woodrun Camp. (See below) 

(Contributed by Chris, KK4GXT, edited by Webmaster.)

May 16, 2017 - A program by the Athens Radio Club - Hams Helping Other Hams - coordinates Rick Waters, WA4ERS, with other club members to offer their expertise, labor, and other resources.  Go to the "Need Help?" page to register your willingness to help or to request help.

April 11, 2017 - A set of files are on the Software page to use in programming radios.  These files are contributed by club members.  If you would like to provide a file, please indicate the radio, date compiled and software package that uses the file.  Send the file as an e-mail attachment to the webmaster.

April 4, 2017 - A new meeting location provides ample room for club meetings with great capabilities for programs.  If you haven't visited us in a while, come see and enjoy the fellowship of Athens Radio Club.