Net Information Quick NET Reference (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)  

Hello Fellow Radio Operators,

The Athens Radio Club allows the use of their repeater for two weekly nets. One net is an ARES net, the other is a “rag chew” net. ARES members rotate through as net control for the Thursday evening ARES nets.

Some of the benefits of checking into one or both nets are, but not limited to, equipment/signal checks, sharing/receiving important announcements, opportunities to practice and enhance communication skills, and general camaraderie.

Please share any suggestions you may have regarding the nets. For instance, if you would like a Swap/Shop session added to the Rag Chew net, simply let us know.

Here are a list of some nets that may be of interest: 


Night Time County/Repeater Frequency/Tone Comments
Monday 1930L Madison 146.865- T 129.9 ARES
Monday 1930L Oglethorpe 147.375+ T 127.3 Madison ARES
Tuesday* 2030L Jackson/Banks 147.225+ T 123.0 ARES
Wednesday 2000L Gainesville 146.670- T 131.8 ARES
Wednesday 2030L Gainesville 146.670- T 131.8 Club
Thursday 2000L Athens 145.330- T 123.0 Club Rag Chew Roundtable
Thursday 2030L Clarke Co. 145.330- T 123.0 ARES


Daily Continual Maritime SSB 14.300 USB

Runs 24/7 with varied Net Ctrls

Daily 1930L Alabama Traffic Net 3.965 LSB Traffic
Daily 2000L GA Bubba Net 28.400 USB Round Table
Daily 1900L HF GA ARES 3.975 LSB HF ARES
Daily 1915L HF GA Traffic Net 3.983 LSB Traffic
Daily 0600L Rooster Net 3.990 LSB

Official time is from 6 AM
to 7 AM however, some are
on by 5 AM and sometimes
continue until 9 AM

Daily 0700L Breakfast Net 3.973 LSB Round Table
Daily 0730L Alabama Traffic Net 3.965 LSB Traffic
As Needed   Hurricane Watch 14.325 USB Activated when a hurricane
threatens land masses
As Needed   Hurricane Watch 14.625 USB Activated when a hurricane
threatens land masses
Daily 1930L NE Storm Net 3.982 LSB  

*Except the 1st Tuesday of the month.